Green IT SIG an der CeBIT



Eindrücke nach einer Woche an der CeBIT

Ruzica Dimova, Beat Koch and Niklaus Meyer represented the Green IT SIG in the booth of the Swiss Informatics Society.  Here is a summary of the impressions: 

Overall impressions

The CeBIT is with about 200’000 visitors and thousands of exhibitors the largest computer exposition of the world. Exhibitors came from all over the world to show their products and services. The topics which were dominant overall were security, Cloud computing and Internet of Things. Huge offerings were presented, for example by IBM, SAP, and Huawai.  It was impossible to visit more than a small fraction of the fair. 

Switzerland is Partner Country of CeBIT 

Most of the Swiss companies presented their products and services in the dedicated Swiss Pavilion.  Switzerland was chosen as the CeBIT partner country with the result that a ten times greater space was used for Swiss exhibitors than last year and probably close to 100 Swiss companies and organizations were present. ICT Switzerland was the organizer of the Swiss pavilion with more than 60 companies and organizations. The whole set-up was a success.  Swiss president Johann Schneider-Ammann and German canceler Angela Merkel were visiting the Swiss Pavilion. 

Interest for Green IT 

We got 6 slots of 90 minutes in the SI booth to present our Green IT messages in the five days of the fair.  About every 10 minutes a visitor stopped at our booth, similar to most other exhibitors.  The way we tried to attract the visitors is with a poster of Green IT SIG and the introduction movie on our Website. We then tried to get the visitors interested about our assessments and actions applications. In general the knowledge about Green IT was minimal. On the other hand we only got supportive reactions to our cause. 

Beat gave a presentation about “Sustainability in the Web of Everything”  

in the Future Talks plenum and the Swiss Pavilion. Have a look at his presentation. With this link you will see all the other presentations in the Swiss Pavilion as well. 

We used the time, when we were not at the booth, to visit as many of the other exhibitions and events as possible.  We looked out in particular for offerings in the sustainability domain.  Here is a selection of what we saw: 

Interesting sustainable products, services and exhibitors 

Green Data center offerings  (,,, etc.)

BITCOM presentation with Green DC “Leitfaden

Ecological Data Center with Glass House attached in Ireland and goal to become carbon negative (

Passive cooling systems ( St. Gallen)

IBM water cooled chipset  (Demo at CeBIT)

Local Energy Harvesting and mobility (ETH spin-off

Electric cars (Tesla, etc.)

Smart cities with (for example) sensor and cloud based light management

Ecological ceramic ball point and therefore no toxic lead  (

Ecological regular ink based printing machine (from Slovenia)


Additional Green IT and CeBIT documentation