With Green IT towards a sustainable future

The ICT sector contributes approximately 2% to global man-made CO2 emissions, which is roughly equivalent to that of international air traffic. In Europe and Switzerland, the ICT, together with the entertainment electronics sector, needs about 10% of the total electricity consumption. Through intelligent "green" IT, despite the growing demand for ICT infrastructure, the increase in electricity consumption can be limited or even reduced.

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Kampagne: Weniger Strom, mehr Effizienz in Serverräumen und Rechenzentren


Thanks to the support of Green IT SIG, the Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) and the Swiss Association of Telecommunications (asut) are now  implementing the campaign "Less Electricity, more Efficiency in Server Rooms and Data Centers".

Foundation of the Green IT Global Collaboration Network - Press release


Amsterdam, London, Zürich and Paris, 12 June 2017. Four organisations with a sustainability vision and a wish to bring leadership and structure to the Green IT sector, are launching the ​Green IT Global ​collaboration network.