With Green IT towards a sustainable future

The ICT area contributes world-wide to about 2% of the green house gases generated by humans, equivalent to the emissions of the airlines industry. In Europe and Switzerland the electrical power consumption of ICT including consumer electronics amounts to about 10% of total consumption. With the application of intelligent "Green Information Technology" the increase in power consumption of the ICT operation can be contained or even reduced in spite of continuously increasing demand.

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Partner Organizations

New Partner

Alliance Green IT France


Green IT Alliance France is new partner organisation


Alliance Green IT France has issued the Green IT Guide, which is supported by Green IT SIG with great interest - an example of international collaboration.

The guide "livre blanc de l’écoconception des services numériques"contains the environmentally oriented part of Green IT, the economic and social components will follow later. In particular, concrete and impressive examples are given in the documentation, something always difficult to get.  An English translation will follow.

Read the French comments on the AGIT publication and the English comments from our partner organization Green IT Amsterdam Region.

We congratulate AGIT France for this impressive tool.

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