Data Centers

Green IT in data centers

Datacenters (DC) in the enterprise consume about half of all the energy of the total ICT area. Large DC which are well planned, in particular in what concerns the cooling approach and the reselling of heat, are generally more efficient than the operation of medium and small size DC. Every company needs to think over carefully whether for ecological and economical reasons it makes sense to operate an own DC.

The European Union (EU) has set the benchmark for efficient DC with its Code of Conduct. The goal of this Code of Conduct is to promote the understanding about the energy consumed and at the same time to provide best practice examples and objectives for energy efficiency. DC service companies as well as DC hardware and DC infrastructure providers can voluntarily commit to follow the Code of Conduct and therefore improve their energy balance. Not least they will be able to lower their running cost.

The DC Team of our Green IT Special Interest Group has provided some insight and suggestions based on their daily work how a Green DC can be achieved, see Implementation.