Green IT Special Interest Group

The objective of the Green IT Special Interest Group of the Swiss Informatics Society (SIG) is the establishment and operation of a platform for sustainable developments in the field of Information and Communication Technologies. It is the forum for ICT professionals to discuss sustainability matters and to point out relevant developements. Some of the projects and activities are: 

  • Provision of checklists for the review of the sustainability of ICT in the company and at home
  • Green IT task catalogues
  • Documentation of politicians and government to allow the implementation of Green IT measures
  • Co-operation with Universities and other institutes in Green IT education programs
  • Certifications

In addition to the participation in the Green IT SIG the members also meet in small specialist teams. The association to these teams is mentioned in the member list.

Management Team: Preparation of proposals to the Green IT team, Yearly planning documents

Software Development Team: Construction and operation of the website, Administration of assessments and actions

Datacenter Team: All questions and activities around the data center

Smart Grid Team: All questions and activities around Smart Metering and Smart Grid

Green by IT Teams: In addition to the Smart Grid Team we plan specialist teams in the area of Smart Buildings and Mobility.