Membership benefits

  • The option to delegate up to 5 employees to events of the SI and Green IT SIG
  • Assess the sustainability of the ICT organisation with the available assessment services on the website and with advisory support of SIG colleagues
  • Use the catalog of potential actions resulting from the analysis to increase organizational sustainability
  • Use, complement and multiply the wealth of experience of the Green IT SIG
  • Access to state of the art knowledge relating to new techniques to reduce CO2 footprints in ICT operations
  • Access to key influencers in the domain, spanning senior management of large companies, government institutions and political parties
  • Use of a Green IT SIG member for presentations to internal company events
  • Placement of company logo on the Green IT website

Membership fee

The membership contribution is determined by the size of the company. (See also by-laws)

The contributions in the calendar year 2018 are:

  • Large companies (sales > 3 million CHF): CHF 3,000 / year (incl. SI contribution of 260)
  • Companies with sales between 500k CHF and 3 million CHF: CHF 750 / year (including SI contribution of 260)
  • Small businesses (sales < 500k CHF): CHF 330 / year (including SI contribution of 260)
  • Individuals: CHF 150 / year (incl. SI contribution of 80)
  • Students: CHF 35 / year (incl. SI contribution of 25)
  • Government administration departments (set on a case by case basis)

The contributions are collected by the Office of the Swiss Informatics Society, Effingerstrasse 19, 3008 Bern.

The member companies can delegate several persons to the FG meetings, present their logo on the site and request Green IT team members for contributions to internal company events.

Fact sheet of the Green IT Special Interest Group of the Swiss Informatics Society