Green IT Alliance France is new partner organisation

sunday 26 february 2017 at 19h17


Alliance Green IT France has issued the Green IT Guide, which is supported by Green IT SIG with great interest - an example of international collaboration.

The guide "livre blanc de l’écoconception des services numériques"contains the environmentally oriented part of Green IT, the economic and social components will follow later. In particular, concrete and impressive examples are given in the documentation, something always difficult to get.  An English translation will follow.

Read the French comments on the AGIT publication and the English comments from our partner organization Green IT Amsterdam Region.

We congratulate AGIT France for this impressive tool.

Energy-harvesting in the Internet of Things

tuesday 14 february 2017 at 12h04


Chain: A new programming language for dependable computing without dependable power

Large data centers with 100% renewable energy

tuesday 20 december 2016 at 21h55


Google. Facebook. Amazon. What do these companies have in common? They are some of the most admired and profitable companies in the world, they are massive energy users, and they all have commitments to 100 percent renewable energy.

Co-operation with Green IT Amsterdam Region

tuesday 04 october 2016 at 16h00


Green IT Amsterdam Region and the Green IT Special Interest Group of the Swiss Informatics Society will extend its collaboration and experience exchange

Guide for Smart Energy Solutions

thursday 11 august 2016 at 07h52


The new practical guide Smart Energy@ICT of asut supports the development of information and communication infrastructures for intelligent energy systems.

How green is my data center?

thursday 14 july 2016 at 15h35


Assess your data center with the simple, free and current tools of Green IT SIG - and choose the appropriate tasks to improve the sustainability.

Energy-efficient Internet of Things

friday 22 april 2016 at 06h33


The energy consumption of the "Internet of Things" can be tamed with the appropriate measures.

Green IT SIG at CeBIT

wednesday 23 march 2016 at 12h28


Impressions after a busy week at CeBIT in Hannover, March 14 - 18, 2016

Power consumption of server and data centers in Europe exceeds Switzerland

wednesday 03 february 2016 at 13h06


The energy consumption of servers and data centers has increased in 2015 in Germany.

Hosting Services with Green Power

thursday 17 december 2015 at 10h38


Green IT Member netrics draws its power from the most modern river power station in Switzerland

Energy saving in the office

monday 05 october 2015 at 11h28


Encouragement by WeAct for Topic Energy

ITU - World Summit of the Information Society

sunday 16 august 2015 at 17h12


How ICT can improve the sustainability in a large part of our society


wednesday 08 july 2015 at 12h43


ICT reduction potential of 20% of global CO2e emissions by 2030

CEPIS Code of Best Practices for Green ICT

tuesday 02 june 2015 at 15h10


The Council of European Professional Informatics Societies (CEPIS) has published a Code of Best Practices for Green ICT.

Effective & Efficient IT

thursday 23 april 2015 at 22h51


Six presentations about Effective and Efficient IT in relation to the actual Energy transition.

Successful Green IT SIG Annual Meeting

thursday 26 march 2015 at 21h40


Plan for 2015 accepted, new Green Data Center Assessment implemented. 

Thank you Bernard

monday 09 february 2015 at 23h12


These are the last ICT Sustainability News of Dr. Bernard Aebischer.

Green IT events in 2015

tuesday 30 december 2014 at 18h04


Don’t miss these Green IT conferences in 2015 

New Green IT cluster in La Suisse Romande

saturday 15 november 2014 at 21h15


On 10 November 2014, the "Antenne Romande" of the Green IT SIG was founded.

Data Centers consume 2.8% of total electricity in Switzerland

tuesday 09 september 2014 at 11h51


A study commissioned by the Federal Office of Energy (BFE) and the Swiss Association of Telecommunications (asut) shows for the first time in detail the size and structure of the data center landscape. 

Making Network Standby More Efficient

tuesday 29 july 2014 at 23h32


Studies show that for some devices up to 80% of the energy consumption is used just to maintain a network connection.

A New Trend to Change Everything?

saturday 22 march 2014 at 22h32


At the Cleantech investment Forum in San Francisco on March 11-13 a host of innovations were presented, many of them with a strong Green IT connection. 

Conflict-Free Sourcing

sunday 04 may 2014 at 00h03


How do you make sure that your products do not include  materials originating from areas of wars and terror? What does "DRC* conflict free" mean?




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