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New Green IT cluster in La Suisse Romande

saturday 15 november 2014 at 21h15


On 10 November 2014, the "Antenne Romande" of the Green IT SIG was founded.

Data Centers consume 2.8% of total electricity in Switzerland

tuesday 09 september 2014 at 11h51


A study commissioned by the Federal Office of Energy (BFE) and the Swiss Association of Telecommunications (asut) shows for the first time in detail the size and structure of the data center landscape. 

Making Network Standby More Efficient

tuesday 29 july 2014 at 23h32


Studies show that for some devices up to 80% of the energy consumption is used just to maintain a network connection.

A New Trend to Change Everything?

saturday 22 march 2014 at 22h32


At the Cleantech investment Forum in San Francisco on March 11-13 a host of innovations were presented, many of them with a strong Green IT connection. 

Conflict-Free Sourcing

sunday 04 may 2014 at 00h03


How do you make sure that your products do not include  materials originating from areas of wars and terror? What does "DRC* conflict free" mean?




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