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Less energy, more efficiency in data centres - an update of the Campaign of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy

thursday 07 december 2017 at 12h14


In June 2017, the Swiss Federal Office of Energy has launched the campaign „Less energy, more efficiency in server rooms and data centres“ that runs for at least two years. An update by Beat Koch, member of the project group.

Swiss Re Unveils Solar Plant at Americas HQ

sunday 17 september 2017 at 12h05


Eric Smith, President & CEO of Swiss Re Americas, the former US President Bill Clinton and Green IT SIG member Vincent Eckert inaugurated the two megawatt facility on the roof of Swiss Re Americas headquarters in Armonk in June 2017.

Foundation of the Green IT Global Collaboration Network - Press release

tuesday 13 june 2017 at 10h27


Amsterdam, London, Zürich and Paris, 12 June 2017. Four organisations with a sustainability vision and a wish to bring leadership and structure to the Green IT sector, are launching the ​Green IT Global ​collaboration network.

Summary 9th EURECA Workshop Barcelona

sunday 09 july 2017 at 07h03


The 9th EURECA Workshop was held in Barcelona on 9-10 May, 2017. The EURECA project is supported by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme, and Green IT Amsterdam is one of the project partners. 

Collaboration between Switzerland and Finland

monday 29 may 2017 at 07h23


Researchers of Tampere University will assist small and medium size companies in Finland to become more sustainable and further develop the Green IT SIG assessments and actions. 

Green IT Alliance France is new partner organisation

sunday 26 february 2017 at 19h17


Alliance Green IT France has issued the Green IT Guide, which is supported by Green IT SIG with great interest - an example of international collaboration.

The guide "livre blanc de l’écoconception des services numériques"contains the environmentally oriented part of Green IT, the economic and social components will follow later. In particular, concrete and impressive examples are given in the documentation, something always difficult to get.  An English translation will follow.

Read the French comments on the AGIT publication and the English comments from our partner organization Green IT Amsterdam Region.

We congratulate AGIT France for this impressive tool.

Energy-harvesting in the Internet of Things

tuesday 14 february 2017 at 12h04


Chain: A new programming language for dependable computing without dependable power




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