Thank you Bernard

monday 09 february 2015 at 23h12


These are the last ICT Sustainability News of Dr. Bernard Aebischer.

Since 1999, as a senior researcher at the Centre for Energy Policy and Economics at the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ),  Bernard Aebischer conducted numerous research projects related to the areas of energy and computer science. Hardly a scientific study in Switzerland in this area was not accompanied in recent years by Aebischer. The results of his press reviews and research activities he made accessible to a wide audience through his ICT news, even well after his retirement at the ETHZ. 

Here you can read Bernard Aebischers last ICT News. It is again an impressive collection of results from a variety of studies and available documentation. One of the topics he concentrated on this time concerns the measurement of power consumption in the ICT sector - with a great variance in the results, due to the different systems boundaries. While the comments are in German many of the referred articles are in English. 

Bernard, thank you for your valuable contributions to our Green IT topic over all these years!