Energy-efficient Internet of Things

friday 22 april 2016 at 06h33


The energy consumption of the "Internet of Things" can be tamed with the appropriate measures.

Bluetooth Smart, EnOcean, 802.15.4-2011, Low Power WiFi are examples to keep the energy consumption of the explosively growing "Internet of Things" in boundaries. The study Energy Efficiency of the Internet of Thing of the International Energy Agency (IEA) from April 2016 concludes that significant energy savings can be achieved when using the recommended energy-saving technologies for grid-attached devices. The corresponding recommendations are summarized in Table 15 page 43 of the report.

The main driver of the IoT are however the applications that rely on battery-powered and partly energy-autonomous devices.

The IEA points with various studies on its website to the enormous potential of energy savings in the domain of electronic communication.