Please support the energy strategy 2050

sunday 07 may 2017 at 13h52


The opponents of the energy strategy 2050 (ES2050) fight with "Fake News" par excellence. The first package of actions and measures for the ES2050 is a very important step for a sustainable Switzerland. The goal is to get rid of the imports of dirty petroleum, gas and coal.

There are three components of this first part of the energy strategy 2050:

  • Improving energy efficiency
  • Promotion of renewable energies
  • No new nuclear power plants with today's technology

The already started energy transition is lifted to a new level. With clear objectives and a large number of support measures, a law was created that will lead to more sustainability in Switzerland. 

This initial package of measures is limited in many parts to six years. For the second package of measures from 2023 onwards, our politicians will have to submit a further submission, which must then be closer to the market after this initial ignition.

The Green IT SIG has been at the forefront of energy efficiency in the last few years. Some of our projects, e.g. The Green IT Assessments and Actions fit exactly to ES2050. At the Green IT Team Meeting of March 1, 2017, Mr. Kurt Bisang from the Swiss Federal Office of Energy gave us an insight into the ES2050. Further information on the ES2050 can be evaluated on and on the pages of the Swiss Swiss Federal Office of Energy.

Please vote for the energy strategy on May 21

Niklaus Meyer
Green IT SIG