Green IT checklist for home users

The purpose of the questions on this page is to evaluate the sustainability of the ICT infrastructure of an enterprise. If a question cannot be answered with "yes" there could be potential for improvement.

1. PC
1.1 Are PCs if not used in the sleep mode and will they be switched-off completely at the end of the workday (avoid apparent off-mode)?
1.2 Is the apparent off status of all units avoided by the use of switchable power strips
1.3 Are energy savings programs on the workplace PC used (energy management tools), which allow to adapt the electricity consumption to the needed performance?
2. Display
2.1 Is the energy savings mode in the displays activated?
2.2 Are the displays when not in use for longer periods switched off?
2.3 Is after delivery of the displays the brightness adapted, respectively optimized?
2.4 Are the screen savers deactivated?
3. Printer
3.1 Are printers in standby mode during the day and switched off at night?
3.2 Are the default values in the printer drivers set to black and white?
3.3 Is to a large extent recycling paper used?
3.4 Is double page printing routinely used?
3.5 Are toner cartridges collected in order to refill and reuse them?
3.6 Are primarily multifunction printers used?
3.7 Are printers preferred which do not have combined toner and development units?
4. Internet / Network
4.1 Is cloud computing used?
4.2 Are WiFi Access Points switched off when not used for a longer period (for example with a power strip and timer)?
4.3 Is the Wake-on-LAN function of the PC deactivated?
5. Social and ecological aspects
5.1 Are the introduced IT-products checked for environmentally friendly production and gray energy?
5.2 Are the social responsibility of the producers and the working conditions of their suppliers considered when buying a product (WWF, Greenpeace, Brot für Brüder, etc.)?
5.3 Are replaced or redundant products returned to the sellers or otherwise properly disposed?
5.4 If products are acquired is the energy need checked and are primarily products with energy labels bought?
6. Various
6.1 Are ICT- and multimedia units in the home, when not in use, separated from the power grid with a switchable power strip or a dedicated stand-by-killer?
6.2 Is the acquisition of units with external power adapters avoided as much as possible?
6.3 Is energy usage of the ICT- and multimedia units measured?