L'Assemblée annuelle soutient toutes les demandes et propositions


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Lors de la 6e assemblée générale annuelle de Green IT SIG le 1er mars 2017, le rapport annuel 2016, les résultats financiers et le plan d'action 2017 ont été acceptés.

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According to the bylaws, the annual meeting needs to agree on the report of the last year.  The members present agreed to the report and the financial results as documented on the website unanimously. 

The following members agreed to serve on the management team in 2017: Vincent Eckert, René Fasan, Bernhard Hämmerli, Lukas Meyer, Niklaus Meyer (president), Christen Oesterbye. Ruzica Dimova and Marcel Ledergerber, who were members on the management team in 2016, could not be reached for confirmation because they are abroad we assume they will continue once back home. Knud Niebur will resign because of overload at work but will continue to lead the Data Center Team together with René Fasan. The new management team was supported by all the participants. Many thanks to all the management team members for their engagement and to the Green IT team for their support.  

An action plan for 2017 has been developed and is also documented on the website. The participants agreed to the plan and the budget.  

In 2017 we will engage a support person in a part time job for many of the back office jobs. Equally we are looking for a successor for the president. Please contact Niklaus if you are interested for one of these functions or if you know somebody who would have an interest.