Moins d’électricité, davantage d’efficacité dans les salles de serveurs et les centres de calcul


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 Grâce au soutien de Green IT SIG, l'Association suisse des télécommunications (asut) est maintenant en mesure de mettre en œuvre la campagne d'efficacité énergétique pour les centres de calcul avec la campagne "Moins d'électricité, plus d'efficacité dans les salles de serveurs et les centres de calcul".

In english:

The campaign is now officially live: After the soft-launch in June, the website was revised and its usability improved. The website is currently available in German and French and an Italian version is coming soon.

Recently,  the SFOE informed through its media channels about the start of this electricity efficiency campaign and at the same time, asut spread  the  campaign by sending an announcement message to  specialized IT media. Information from the SFOE can be found here and there are press releases in GermanFrench and Italian.

The campaign launches were made public via the social media channels, and we invite all interested parties to report the campaigns via their own social media channels. Please note the following:

The official name of the campaign is "Less power, More Efficiency in Server Rooms and Data Centers". Please use #Rechenzentren or #centresdecalcul as hashtags. An explanatory video was also produced for the campaign  in GermanFrench and Italian and you are invited to spread it further on your channels.

On Xing and LinkedIn, asut also regularly publishes information about the campaign and we are delighted if these news are followed and spread via social networks as well as on Twitter.