Moins d'énergie, plus d'efficacité dans les Data Centers - une mise à jour de la campagne de l'Office fédéral de l'énergie


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In June 2017, the Swiss Federal Office of Energy has launched the campaign „Less energy, more efficiency in server rooms and data centres“ that runs for at least two years. An update by Beat Koch, member of the project group.

 The Green IT SIG of Switzerland has been heavily involved in conceiving and implementing this campaign. The campaign rests on three pillars: Firstly, there is an information website, secondly, a direct marketing campaign is conducted and thirdly, there is continuous information through newsletters. In the direct marketing campaign, server room and data centre operators of about 1500 Swiss companies, organisations and public authorities are called to make them aware of the campaign and to motivate them to fill out the online energy check. They have been selected because they operate between 10 and 500 servers.

The campaign website offers an introductory video and explains the eight main categories of energy efficiency measures: The measuring and analysing of the energy consumption, management and process optimisations, virtualisation, room climate control, data storage, power supply, networking and the use of cloud services / outsourcing. Website visitors are invited to fill out a simple energy check that covers these categories. That way, they can quickly identify the areas with energy saving potential. For a detailed analysis, they can then fill out the Green IT SIG’s data centre assessment and check the online catalogue of measures.

The campaign tracks the answers given in the energy check in order to adapt the focus of the messages in the newsletters to the actual needs of the target audience. So far, around 170 participants have completed the survey – out of 900 persons that have at least started to fill it out.

The links to the campaign examples in German, French and Italian are: